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Artist Bio

HAROLYN LONG is a native Oklahoman. From the moment she first touched clay, at the age of thirteen, Harolyn knew that she had found an avenue to successfully express herself. She received her MFA from The University of Oklahoma and a Masters of Education from the University of Central Oklahoma. After teaching art in the public school system for 11 years in Georgia and Oklahoma, in 1985, she began creating her own art and started participating in numerous juried shows and festivals coast to coast. Her work has been published and is owned by several institutions and corporations. Her work is created in her studio without the aid of assistants. She cites Japanese and Pre-Columbian art as her primary influences. Her sculptures are slab constructed white stoneware that have been Raku fired. Raku is an ancient method of glaze firing involving reduction outside of the kiln. Also, some of her raku works have embellishments of acid etched zinc or other fabricated metal pieces.

Clay Sculpture


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